400 years after his death NVT gave the Bard a wake, timed to take place on his birthday.

In doing so the opportunity was taken to show off the considerable talents of their Youth Theatre in a joint production with adult company members.

Together they provided a charming evening where marvellous words - well chosen extracts that avoided the over familiar - blended with song and mime.

The youngsters provided the framework of the celebration. Positioned around the stage they were like a Greek Chorus either working in harmony or individually stepping forward to take on roles.

Not being able to comment on all performers I would pick out Lillie Curry and Sarah Elliott for their Lady Macbeths and Gabriel Phelan as the murderous Scot.

Comedy came from Lisa Caira’s gossiping Nurse and from Mark Green’s drunken Cassius.

But it was Jeremy Crow who almost stole the show with the speech from Richard II that discusses the lot of Kings.

Amidst all the youthfulness it fell to veteran actress, Janet Hewlett-Davies, to conclude the wake by delivering the Requiem Speech from Cymbeline.

Special praise goes to Sarah Davies for her direction and dedication in encouraging and developing the young actors.