This all-male version of Gilbert & Sullivan’s satire on love between social classes is tremendous fun.

Seen originally in Eastbourne in 2014, it re-appears in Brighton – a natural home – where it seems more camp than before with a stronger element of slapstick.

Amid all the comedy there is respect for the original material. Minimalist scenery, witty, inventive staging provides a springboard for this marvellous cast to launch themselves. The standard of singing from principals and ensemble is excellent.

Full drag for the female roles is eschewed – all that is needed are life vests, scarves and head bows to transform butch sailors to feminine creations.

The principal roles of Josephine and Buttercup are carried off with great vocal skill by Ben Irish and David McKechnie. With eyes closed one would swear that their singing comes from female throats. McKechnie also adds plenty of comedy to his performance.

There is further comedy from Michael Burgen as Sir Joseph Porter and from Richard Russell Edwards, gloriously camping it up as Hebe.

Outstanding choreography from Lizzi Gee blends PE workouts and gymnastics into her routines.

Music is provided by Richard Bates’s sensitive solo piano accompaniment - thereby allowing the all-important lyrics greater clarity.