Fracked is Alistair Beaton’s well researched and funny satire on Hydraulic Fracturing – fracking to you and me.

Amidst the humour he takes a serious look at the arguments for and against this technology – differences that divide communities, families and incite moderate people to civil disobedience.

James Cotterill’s revolving set switches the action between the offices of the PR firm responsible for the “reputation management” of the energy company and the home of middle class wife, Elizabeth, who finds herself drawn into the conflict. Anne Reid is marvellous as a David pitting herself against the corporate Goliath to stop the despoliation of her village. She mixes comedy with earnestness as she crosses from law-abiding to law-breaking.

There is excellent comedy from James Bolam as her loyal and loving spouse, especially in his encounters with “earth protector”, Sam.

The villain of the piece is PR consultant Joe, a monstrous creation. Foul mouthed, manipulative, self serving and not averse to lying, despite advising his client “Lying doesn’t work anymore”. It’s a whale of a part that Oliver Chris fully encompasses with obvious relish.

Although set in the future the play reflects current issues with Brexit, Boris and even Southern Rail taking a ribbing.