How do you fancy painting the biggest canvas in Brighton?

For years graffiti artists have had to make do with Brighton's walls for their work.

But the opportunity of a lifetime has come up to spray paint the roof of the historic Hilton Metropole.

But Brighton's latest tourist attraction has opened up a whole new artistic skyline: rooftops - with a 300sqm canvas up for grabs.

Hotel bosses want graffiti or other artists to decorate its roof for the admiration of passengers on the British Airways i360.

It is thought the idea may trigger a trend among the city's hotels.

The viewing tower on the seafront takes passengers up to 162m, with views of rooftops across the city.

Sascha Koehler, general manager of the Hilton Metropole, which is almost opposite the i360, said he would like to give them something better to look at than the hotel's current blank white top.

He said: "We came up with the idea looking out from the i360 - we have got a big white space at the moment and it would be fun to do something with it.

"We don't know yet what it could be - we just thought we would shout out to city graffiti artists and see what happens.

"Ideally it would have some sort of relationship to the seafront or the i360, something that is connected to the location or the heritage of the city.

"We would probably build in our Twitter handle or hashtag or something like that but not as a predominate feature; that would be a bit boring.

"I am sure it would catch on as a lot of people are going to be riding the i360."

The idea is at a very early stage, with the Hilton hoping artists will come forward to start talking about what might be possible.

Mr Koehler said he hoped it could be done by a Sussex-based artist, adding: "We know there is a huge amount of talent in the area.

"But it's a big space and quite complicated from that perspective."

To contact the Brighton Metropole with ideas, contact the hotel on Twitter @BrightonMet or Mr Koehler via @SaschaKoehler.