THE role of a senior councillor has come under further scrutiny after it was revealed he has not met a single architect.

Economic development and culture committee chairman Alan Robins admitted he has not attended any meetings with architects following a question by Conservative Carol Theobald.

The South Portslade councillor, a paint salesman by trade, came under fire last year for a lack of meetings with leading tourism industry figures in the city as well as his candid confession of not understanding how day tripper figures are calculated.

The economic development committee is responsible for planning policy, employment, economic growth, regeneration, culture, tourism and leisure. Councillor Robins took over chairmanship of the committee last year after council leader Warren Morgan stood down from the committee to focus on other priorities.

Councillor Julie Cattell, culture deputy and planning committee chairwoman, said she regularly met architects and that it would be “unusual” to send Cllr Robins to meet architects about planning policy.

The council said Cllr Cattell also regularly attended the Professionals’ Forum.

Cllr Robins said he would be involved with discussions if he was needed but it would be strange for him to knock on the doors of architects.