A man was caught on CCTV punching his dog more than 30 times in a pub beer garden.

The shocking footage captured at the Royal Oak pub in Lewes on Thursday evening showed the man launch a 15 minute attack on the pet. 

Landlady Trudy Funnell said: "One of the staff came up to me and said there was an issue with a man and his dog in the garden. 

"I watched him through the window nd saw him hit the dog. 

"I had to go over and ask him to leave. 

"It was only afterwards when I watched the whole incident, that I reaslised it went on for 15 minutes. 

"He punched the dog 36 times, kicked it four times, choched it twice with the lead and poured a pint of beer over it. 

"I felt so guilty when I realised I let the poor dog leave with that man. 

"The RSPCA said they need the man's name and address to be able to do anything. 

"The police have come and taken the CCTV. 

"I just want to thank everyone who shares the CCTV for everything we can do to  catch this man."