RESIDENTS will benefit from Liberal Democrat proposals in the manifesto launched yesterday.

One of our plans is to raise the National Insurance threshold in line with income tax, putting more money back in people’s pockets.

We also propose to generate £7 billion a year to fund the NHS through a penny in the pound increase on income tax.

We need to level the playing field for people on low incomes.

Currently, while no tax is paid on income under £11,500, National Insurance deductions kick in once a person earns £5,824 per year.

This can be the difference between just about managing and doing OK.

It will also help more people get back into work as it will put more money in peoples’ pockets than depending on welfare and benefits.

Our health service is one of the greatest institutions in the country.

But continued cuts to health care and continuous changes to the organisational structure mean doctors and nurses cannot do what they are good at – giving people the care they need.

We need a robust plan to generate the income to support the NHS as our population grows and indeed ages.

With no hospital in the constituency and pressure on the only minor injuries unit at Victoria Hospital in Lewes, this funding will be welcomed by residents who want to see the NHS continue to be free at the point of access.

  • Kelly-Marie Blundell is the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Lewes