FIRE investigators have revealed the cause of a fire fought by 40 firefighters and which left two homes destroyed. 

 Eight fire engines were called to Prince Edward's Road, Lewes, on May 8, after a blaze spread from one house through the roof to the adjoining house

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service investigators have now revealed the fire was caused by an electrical fault in the inverter of a solar panel on the roof of one of the houses. 

An inverter changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Firefighters removed tiles to put out the fire in the roof space, while neighbours stood in the street in shock.

The couple in the adjoining house, which the fire spread to, were said to have had young children.

They were in the property at the time but managed to get out unharmed.

Speaking at the time the father of two, who did want to give his name, said he was devastated at what had been lost in the fire.