TEN men who live above a pub are in despair after handwritten notes were shoved under their door ordering them to leave.

The group, who live in accommodation above the Crown Inn in Market Street, Lewes, woke to find a note from the landlady earlier this month telling them they would have to move out.

It comes months after the pub closed at the end of March.

The note read: “To whom it may concern.

“13th July N Power will be cutting off electric to the building.

“20th July handing keys back to Enterprise (the owners).

“Have court orders. I let rooms to pay services. Lack of finance have led to myself having to surrender (sic).

“People not pay rent (sic).”

Residents, some who have been living there as long as ten years, are in despair as they have been unable to get in contact with landlady Karen Lloyd.

Michael Hobro, 65, a retired accountant, who has been living at the pub for almost a year and a half, said: “An unsigned, undated, unheaded piece of paper telling us to leave.

“It is exasperating and obviously we have to make contingency plans.

“The landlady has also changed her phone number – she has left us in the lurch.

“I’ve paid rent regularly and I’ve got nowhere to go.”

Residents say they recognise the note is not a formal eviction notice but are unsure of their future as they have not heard from pub company EI Group Plc which own the building.

Ms Lloyd once appeared on Channel 5 show The Hotel Inspector in a bid to improve the Crown Inn.

According to the show, the pub was stripped of one of its three stars by the tourist board, and Ms Lloyd has lost more than £32,000.

After spending a night in the establishment, Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi sent in deep cleaners, renovated bedrooms and reorganised the staff in a bid to transform the hotel’s reputation.

But her efforts were in vain. When The Argus visited the Crown Inn, the pub was shut and holes were seen in the walls and in the roof of the accommodation block.

In a voicemail from an unknown number left for Mr Hobro, a woman said: “I’ve heard you’ve been in touch with The Argus and if anything is published you will have your butt sued.

“It has nothing to do with you, this is between me and EI.

“You’ve been nothing but a ****ing nuisance since you’ve moved in.”

Ms Lloyd and EI did not reply for comment.