CALLS have been made to tackle drivers speeding on the A259 after a woman was run over and killed near a pelican crossing.

Rottingdean Parish Council is requesting night-time speed traps for the main road in Rottingdean, in Falmer Road and the village High Street immediately to help reduce speeding that residents can “no longer tolerate”.

The community has expressed anger at the death of Carol Littler, 68, who was critically injured after she and her husband, 61-year old Julian Littler, were in collision with a BMW in Marine Drive, Rottingdean, on Sunday, August 6.

In a letter to Sussex Police chief superintendent Lisa Bell, councillor Bob Webzell, chairman of the council, requested action be taken to make residents feel safer.

Cllr Webzell said: “The crossing where we believe the incident occurred was installed after a pedestrian died, but a further death has felt like an inevitability.

“A number of us have had near misses ourselves, and witnessed many more.

“We feel we must – in the first instance- urgently address the issue of motorists speeding at night.

“At night, our roads are described as a free-for-all of which too many take advantage.

“It has for some time felt like only a death would spark a reaction to this situation, and now a death has very sadly occurred we expect some action.

“We are sure you would join us in expressing your condolences to those involved.”

Since his wife died days after the incident from her injuries, Mr Littler has spoken of his concerns about pedestrian safety while crossing the road.

He suffered serious injuries around his eye and to his hand and was left comatosed, waking up in hospital with no memory of the crash.

He said: “It happened about 80 yards from where we live. My brother came to visit me the other day and saw two cars jump the red light there.

“He said he just can’t believe it. The speed that some drivers go up that road is just dangerous.

“How many more people have to get killed on the road before something changes?

“I keep getting told how lucky I am. We moved here five and a half years ago and the response we got from others living here was huge.

“We were so happy here and I just feel like I have been robbed.”

The 40-year-old male driver from Newhaven was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drugs, driving without due care and without a licence.

He was later released and is still under investigation.

Sussex Police said they will consider the contents of the letter when it is received.