A 41-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested following a house fire.

The fire broke out at a house in Hodshrove Road, Moulsecoomb, Brighton yesterday, with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service being called out at 5.10pm.

Three engines were sent to tackle the blaze, which was started in a first floor bedroom.

Tammy Lodge watched the drama unfold from her house opposite.

She said: "My husband told me there was a fire and I panicked. I thought he meant in our house, then he said over the road.

"It was just all smoke - we couldn't see the flames.

"I heard the glass smashing from the impact of the fire, it was so loud it sounded like someone was throwing things at them."

The residents of the house, a man and a woman, had to be treated by paramedics.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: "A man was arrested on suspicion of assault on a woman known to him following a fire in a house in Hodshrove Road, Moulescoomb, a 5.15pm on Wednesday.

"A man and a woman escaped from the house and called the fire brigade. The woman suffered minor burns to her legs and was taken to hospital before being released.

A 41-year-old man is currently in custody."

A spokesman for ESFRS said everyone was accounted for.

More to follow...