A MOTHER who continues to battle for the health of her husband has been nominated for an Argus Community Stars awards.

Daniel Mason, 43, is paralysed, blind and has serious cognitive problems after collapsing at home with a heart attack in September 2015 while he looked after his young children.

The graphic designer’s wife, Sabrina, has been working tirelessly for two years hoping to give him the best chance of recovery possible and friends are working hard on a fundraising campaign to help the family pay for medical and other expenses.

Now Sabrina has been nominated for the Carer of the Year Award sponsored by Pembroke Care Group.

Daniel collapsed in September and was put into an induced coma for three weeks before spending the next six months in intensive care.

He is now living in a rehabilitation centre but is still blind, weak and struggles to move.

However, he has started to dictate a moving blog about the visual hallucinations and lucid dreaming he has experienced since the attack.

Sabrina, 29, said: “This road of recovery is very slow and long.

“We were told that he will need at least two years of intensive rehabilitation.

“Sometimes it is one step forward and then several steps back and that is what makes it incredibly difficult.

“You start the grieving process and then you have some good times and you feel so happy.”

Well-wishers have donated £30,000 to the family. To donate, visit www.gogetfunding.com/the-masons-family-fundraiser/

The mother-of-two is now juggling paying for their mortgage, taking care of their children, Chloe, three, and Amelie, two, and helping with Daniel’s lengthy rehabilitation.

Sabrina said: “We need money for different types of rehabilitation therapies, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, money for transportation, alterations for coming home, assistive computer technology. It all costs thousands of pounds.

“For his own progress it is important that he has all the motivation that he can get from his family.