ON Boxing Day the BBC announced that the Government is looking to invest in roads across the country and has opened a public consultation about their possible options.

Can you imagine my frustration then that there was no mention of the A27 east of Lewes or for that matter, our other dreadful road, the A21 south of Pembury.

This is simply wrong so I am appealing to the public if you can help me turn this appalling oversight by the Department of Transport around.

As we know locally both these roads are vital to the success of Eastbourne’s future economic prospects and simply must be properly improved.

So my “ask” is that to ensure they are included, and as dual carriageways, please respond to the Highways England on-line survey. The first report is the summary/introduction and the second is the survey.

As is always the way with these things, it’s a bit convoluted (shades of Yes Minister) but if we can get thousands of Eastbourne people (and beyond) completing the survey, making it abundantly clear the dualling of the A27 Lewes to Polegate either as is or with a new road spur MUST be included in the Government proposals, we may force their hand.

If you agree with me that something serious should be done to improve our road please share this with your friends and neighbours.

Let’s have an absolute deluge of responses on to the Government website so they have to take on board, finally, just how much we need the shocking A27 sorted once and for all.

Stephen Lloyd is the LibDem MP for Eastbourne