A horse had to be rescued by firefighters after it was found upside down in a ditch.

Crews from Partridge Green, Storrington, Worthing and seven TRU Officers were called to Homelands Farm Dairy, Partridge Green on Tuesday morning.

It is thought the horse named Morris, who is stabled in the area, fell while riding with owner Laura Bigwood.

Ms Bigwood said: "I managed to jump from his back just before he fell backwards into the ditch. I was very lucky because the weight of him could have crushed me - there was also water at the bottom of the ditch.

“I’ve worked with horses for 11 years and Morris was lucky to escape virtually unscathed. I have seen worse injuries come from more minor accidents than this.”

Firefighters took nearly an hour to free the sedated horse.

He escaped with nothing worse than water in the ear and sore muscles, and Ms Bigwood hopes he will be up and riding again soon.

She thanked West Sussex Fire and Rescue for their "professionalism and calmness".

She added: “They planned the rescue to perfection and got Morris out so gracefully it was like watching the ballet!”