The number of measles cases in Brighton and Hove is continuing to rise.

There have now been 37 confirmed cases in the city since the start of this year compared to six for the whole of 2008.

Thirteen schools and colleges have been affected by the outbreak but all areas of the community have been hit by the virus.

Babies and adults are among those infected and some people have had to be treated in hospital.

The situation is being blamed on the poor takeup of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

It stands at around 80%, well short of the 95% recommended by the World Health Organisations as needed to protect a community.

One in every 15 children with measles will develop serious complications, which can include diarrhoea, ear and chest infections, fits and brain damage.

In rare instances, measles can kill.

People should contact their GP for more information about getting their child vaccinated.