Schools, car parks and leisure centres will all become power plants under a new plan.

Twenty three sites have been earmarked for a £2.6 million Brighton and Hove City Council project.

It will see solar panels installed on the roofs of some council-owned buildings, which the authority claims will earn the city money as well as providing free power.

The sites chosen include junior, primary and secondary schools across the city as well as the Stanley Deason and Prince Regent leisure centres, some car parks and New England House.

At the new Green cabinet's first meeting next week they will discuss the different funding options for the project.

The council is likely to choose to self-finance the scheme rather than leasing the panels from a contractor or having them fitted for free in return for giving up the income they generate from the Government's feed-in tariff scheme.

If the project is given the go-ahead then a company will be chosen to fit the panels by September. They must be operational by April in order to get the best rate of return from the Government.

Finance cabinet member Jason Kitcat said the council would be receiving income from the project, which could range from £26,000 to £158,000 per year, almost immediately.