Five sheep died after a flock was attacked by two dogs.

Farmer Tim Armour said the incident happened on Telscombe Tye at the weekend.

It is the second attack on Mr Armour’s flock of 300 in the last month.

Mr Armour, who runs Stud Farm in Telscombe, said: “I am absolutely furious. People need to keep better control over their dogs.”

The alarm was raised at about 11.30pm on Sunday, June 17 when Mr Armour got a call telling him two dogs were attacking his sheep.

When he arrived he discovered the huskies had killed two lambs outright. Three ewes also died of shock after being chased by the animals.

Mr Armour managed to trace the owner of the dogs and has reported the incident to Sussex Police.

Criminal offence

He said: “The owner was really apologetic but the damage was done.

“The vast majority of people who use Telscombe Tye are responsible when their dogs are around sheep. It is only the minority who fail to keep them under control.

“As well as the stress caused to the rest of the flock and actually losing the animals, there is also the financial impact as well.

The lambs would be worth around £100 each and the ewes £150.

“I would remind people that it is a criminal offence to kill farm animals by dogs and owners are liable for compensation and prosecution.”

In May, Mr Armour’s daughter, Camilla, discovered the remains of a sheep with its head severed in a suspected dog attack.

Mr Armour told the Argus last month he would be prepared to shoot any dogs attacking his sheep if he had to.