SHOREHAM Port added the serviced business centre Maritime House to its property portfolio after a Local Growth Fund grant of £1.1 million from Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership.

Coast to Capital is a Government--formed initiative that provides leadership, investment and business support to generate sustainable and inclusive growth in the region.

Its contribution to the area enables the local economy to grow successfully and has had a lasting impact on the Port.

Coast to Capital is made up of a small, highly engaged team ambitious about the future of the local region.

Therefore, the port’s desire to purchase Maritime House was well suited to the initiative’s aim to support business growth in the area whilst also creating jobs locally.

Maritime House provides fully serviced offices on Hove seafront at Shoreham Port. The centre is home to a vibrant mix of companies, some of whom have been based in the building for many years.

Jonathan Sharrock, chief executive at Coast to Capital, said: “Shoreham Port is a strategic commercial hub and it is vital that we continue to support the already thriving port, ensuring that existing jobs are secured and that the future development and growth of the area is safeguarded.

“We are delighted to have contributed to the purchase of Maritime House which will ensure that high quality businesses continue to be attracted to the area.”

Tim Hague, director of property and development at Shoreham Port, said: “We are delighted to add such a well-run and successful business centre to our property portfolio.

“The addition of Maritime House to our commercial property estate increases the range of accommodation we can offer to local businesses and means we are better equipped to meet the changing needs of our tenant community. A massive thank you to Coast to Capital.”