LITTLE Britain star David Walliams has been fined for racing his Land Rover towards Brighton.

The Britain's Got Talent judge was fined £600 and given six penalty points after he was

clocked speeding at up to 99mph through two manned speed

traps on the A23 in March this year.

Charged under his real name of David Edward Williams, cops recorded

speeds of 99mph at Bolney and 87mph near Pyecombe.

Walliams, 46, who gave the court an address in London but also owns a hone in Portslade's Western Esplanade pleaded guilty by post in June to the higher speed offence and argued in court the second should be considered part

of the same period of driving.

Rosalind Earis (CORRECT) prosecuting told Brighton Magistrates' Court: "The defendant was caught by officers at the side of the road at two areas, two miles apart.

"It was mid morning, around 11am, and the two sites were chosen not to

catch the same cars twice.

"He has no previous convictions and a clean licence.

"The speed was at the upper end of the band on each occasion.

"Clearly, this was a prolonged piece of extremely fast driving.

"He drove for six minutes without dropping below the speed limit or

dropping below it then speeding up.

"Nevertheless, this is a case of extremely fast driving."

Barrister Benjamin Waidhofer (CORRECT) for Walliams said: "Mr Williams

doesn't want to be punished twice for one wrong.

"This was a single stretch of road.

"On a common sense approach, this is a single road, a single journey.

"It is a continuous course of conduct."

District Judge Christopher James agreed and said Walliams had apologised, had shown regret and remorse. He fined millionaire children's author £600 and ordered him to pay another £2,475 costs.

He said: "This was the A23, a busy road, heading south during the day time but

not at a peak time.

"There is no evidence of bad driving other than the speeding."

Paul Markwick, who manned the Bolney camera, said: "It is disappointing

because we wanted this to go to a higher court.

"How far apart do you have to be before it is not a continuous offence?"