Four former Dorothy Stringer pupils have just completed their first term at Cambridge University, after taking part in a pioneering initiative at the school.

Freddy Mills and John Carroll, both aged 18, were among the first pupils to take advantage of the offer and are now both studying at Pembroke College Cambridge.

With the aim of increasing the uptake of double maths A-level and maths-related subjects at degree level, pupils at the school were offered the chance to embark on an A-level course two years earlier, at the age of 14.

Assistant Head at Dorothy Stringer Andrea Cumming said: “The pupils still take maths and statistics GCSE at 16.

“However, this gives pupils the chance to experience new areas of maths such as mechanics and calculus and to start thinking more mathematically.

“It’s a lovely bonus that some leave us with top grades at AS maths as well.”

Freddy said: “If I hadn’t taken the course, I wouldn’t have taken double maths at college, and I therefore wouldn’t have been able to apply for engineering at Cambridge.”

According to John, now studying for a maths degree, there were additional benefits.

Problem solving

He said the course taught them to do independent study and to tackle more complex problems, making the move to studying A-levels much easier.

A representative from BHASVIC commented: “We are impressed with the way AS level maths at Dorothy Stringer prepares students for further study.

“These students arrive with a real enthusiasm for the subject and excellent core skills.

“Seeing so many of them gain places at Oxford and Cambridge, as well as other top universities, shows how well they have been prepared from an early age.”

Other pupils from the course have gone on to study maths, science or accountancy on top courses across the country.

The initiative is now in its fourth year and the course has grown in popularity, with 26 year 10 pupils working towards AS level Maths.

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