A MEDICAL school has been rated the best in the country by its students.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) is in first position in the National Student Survey published today.

BSMS received an overall satisfaction rating from final year students of 99 per cent.

The quality of teaching was rated extremely highly, with 100 per cent of participants agreeing the course was intellectually stimulating and they had been provided with opportunities to apply what they had learnt.

In addition, 98 per cent agreed staff were good at explaining things and made the subject interesting.

Director of undergraduate teaching and learning Juliet Wright said: “I am delighted with our excellent results.

“Our staff are committed to providing students with an outstanding education in medicine and the particularly high scores for teaching show we have been successful in achieving this.

“Results of 100 per cent for the quality of the course and opportunities for students to apply what they have learnt show that we are clearly preparing our students well for their future careers in the NHS.”

Students felt strongly that BSMS provided a positive learning environment, with 97 per cent believing they felt part of a community and had the right opportunities to work with other students.