BROADCASTING legend Nicholas Owen graced The Argus’s office yesterday to join us as our guest editor for the day.

We have chosen a selection of images taken throughout his lifetime, which highlight his journey from an ambitious youngster set on a career in journalism to becoming a widely recognised and well respected broadcaster.

Mr Owen recalls the time the photo, above left, was taken in the BBC newsroom.

He said: “This was taken in the old TV centre in West London.

“It was a wonderful place to work, right at the heart of the operation.”

The media veteran can also be seen pictured when he was five years old, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt.

He said that at this point it wasn’t long before he realised his dream job was to work at a newspaper.

He was 17 when he started his first job at a local paper in 1964.

Mr Owen got involved with Brighton’s Volk’s Railway in 2008.

He can be seen pictured with TV railway presenter Michael Portillo, and volunteers’ chairman Ian Gledhill.

The railway was featured in Mr Portillo’s TV programme Great British Railway Journeys.

This was before the railway received a Heritage Grant for renovations to be undertaken.

There is a photograph of Mr Owen signing copies of his memoirs Days Like This.

He said: “Another pleasure is when readers tell me my book evokes their own memories of the 1950s and 1960s, when life was slower, if more gentle.”

Talking about his passion for golf as a hobby, he added: “I took it up about 20 years ago because I wanted to go out and do something different.

“It is a good break from normal working life.

“You get to spend time in nice places with nice people.”

He can be seen, left, with his wife Brenda, who is a former Argus reporter, based in Crawley between 1984 and 2002.

Mr Owen said: “She had a terrific career and has an affection for the newspaper.”

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