WITH Brighton’s bikeshare scheme now a month old, Timeout looks back on cycle culture across Brighton and Hove, and the many faces who have graced two-wheelers in the city.

Most famousl, Billy Connolly appeared on a bicycle in the city in 1986, having completed the London to Brighton bike ride.

Run by the British Heart Foundation, the ride covers 54 miles.

Can you believe the first ride took place in 1976?

Since then, the ride has grown from 36 riders in its first year to more than 15,000 in 2016, with many famous faces among them, including Scottish comedian Mr Connolly.

Jon Pertwee is another to feature in our pictures today.

The third Doctor Who is seen riding a tandem through the city but who is the lucky lady on the back of the bicycle? And when could this have been taken?

Actor and comedian Peter Russell is shown being cheered on by a group of bikers in another photo, in front of the old Concorde pub in 1983.

He was riding as one of 11,000 taking part that year in the London to Brighton bike ride.

Were you there, and do you remember anything else about him?

In 1991, Liverpool to Brighton cyclist Mark Strong was pictured outside a secluded building. Do you recognise it?

Mr Strong is now a professional transport consultant and community representative in the Brighton area.

Members of the ‘Bricyclers’ group feature in a separate photo, all lined up with matching bikes, in 1984 but do you recognise where they are?

Are you one of the people in the photo?

We would love to know more about where, when and why the ‘Bricyclers’ would gather - or indeed if they are still going today.

We need some help with our last photo, which is a bit of a mystery.

A man is seen posing on his bicycle alongside a policeman but we do not know who either of these men are.

Can you help us identify them?

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