The Prime Minister has vowed to step in after the Shoreham Airshow disaster victims families were denied legal aid.

Theresa May said the Government was committed to ensuring that people involved in a public disaster could have "proper representation".

Shoreham MP Tim Loughton said during Prime Minister's Questions, that the families were likely to be the "only persons at the inquest not legally represented", and called for them to have "proper access to justice".

He said: "On August 22 2015 in my constituency, 11 men tragically lost their lives in the Shoreham Airshow disaster.

"Over 26 months later no decision has been taken on criminal charges and the coroner's inquest has been delayed again until November of next year, and the families of the victims have just had their application for exceptional case funding rejected by the Legal Aid Agency, and they will likely be the only persons at the inquest not legally represented.

"Will she agree to look at this case again and to meet the families to ensure that they have proper access to justice in this exceptionally tragic case which has a much wider public interest for safety at all airshows?"

Mrs May said there was "considerable work" going on to learn the lessons from the disaster.

She said: "He raises a very important issue and I can fully understand the concerns of the families in relation to this.

"He talks about the timetable for decisions being taken. The Department for Transport has accepted the Air Accidents Investigation Branch's (AAIB) recommendation to commission an independent review and they are working with the AAIB to determine the exact scope of the review, and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has accepted all recommendations, so there is considerable work going on to learn the lessons from this disaster.

"But we are also obviously committed to ensuring that people, where there is a public disaster, that people do have, are able to have proper representation, and this is an issue that I will ask the Lord Chancellor to look at in relation to the question that he has raised."