OUR monthly interiors columnist Jasmine Orchard lives, breathes and sleeps interiors. You see a tea pot, she sees the potential for a vase; you see an awkward space, she sees a space ripe for a creative touch. Jasmine, a designer, creator and stylist, has been styling stunning interiors and wedding venues for Brighton-based Jasmine Orchard Styling since 2009. Here, she explains how to make the most of your outdoor space.

DESPITE the recent downpour we’ve been having here in Brighton, the glorious sunny days we had for such a long time prior to this are still very fresh in my mind.

Maybe it’s something about living by the sea: Brighton attracts a certain sort of ‘outdoor lifestyle’ crowd that is ever present in the summer time.

It gets me thinking about outdoor space and re-creating our inside spaces out. I’ve always been a fan of outdoor dining and for those of you with any outdoor space of your own, you’re the lucky ones.

Here are a few pointers on how to create a beautiful day-to-evening inside out space: l You have to start by thinking beyond your basic dining table and chairs. On a dry day, pretty much anything you use inside can be brought out.

Start with a table cloth, or a great alternative is standard brown parcel paper (on the roll), which you can literally roll out over the table and clip to the edges or stick underneath to stop movement.

Get creative - make a collection of vases of small wild flowers (preferably from your garden) using washed-out jars and bottles of varying sizes, keeping it low so you can still see each other across the table.

Get hanging - tall poles can be stuck in the ground and string tied between them (or between tall walls/ trees if you have them). Tie the string tight so it doesn’t sag too much, then hang paper lanterns or pom-poms in the colour of your choice. If you can get them to hang over the table, it creates a great feature.

Get quirky - if you have walls, bang in a few nails and hang empty wooden picture frames (best to paint with outdoor paint first) together in a collection. You can mix and match sizes and shapes, just keep the frames fairly close together for a better effect.

Up-cycle - get an old chest of drawers you no longer need, paint it up (again, outdoor suitable paint) and keep it outside with a set of outdoor cutlery for dining, garden tools, candles etc.

Use lighting - to create an evening ambience, you don’t need to invest in expensive outdoor lighting systems. There are great outdoor battery-powered festoon lights (lights4fun) to hang along fences, from trees, above the dining table, etc. Line pathways with tealight candles in old jam jars, or lanterns, and get out the fancy candelabra for the dining table.

Finally, put cushions on seats, bring out the food and wine, invite some friends over and enjoy!

If you don’t have the time, then Jasmine Orchard Styling offers interior and exterior design services to come and do all the hard work for you! Please contact info@jasmineorchardstyling.com / www.jasmineorchardstyling.com