A keen hillwalker who developed mobility problems has found a “new lease of life” thanks to a Harley Davidson-style mobility scooter.

Sue Raymond, 78, who describes herself as “a bit of a daredevil”, has named her new TGA Supersport 'Darley' and this summer has tackled challenging landscapes including the shoreline at West Wittering, Cumbria and the New Forest. She is regularly stopped by fellow ramblers for photographs with the scooter, which flies a skull and crossbones flag on the rear and has biker tassels on the handlebars.

“We go everywhere, up hill and down dale, in mud and on stony ground,” said Sue, a former milking relief worker who lives in Pulborough. “It has never let me down. People admiring my trusty steed are always stopping me. Once, in the Lake District, a couple who stopped me said they had never seen an electric scooter so high up in the Fells. It has given me such fun in my 78th year. Ben Nevis, here we come!”

After Sue, a lifelong fan of hill-walking, developed mobility problems a few years ago, she joined the Disabled Ramblers, which organises and plans countryside rambles for mobility scooter users, to continue enjoying outdoor life. She bought the Supersport, which resembles a motorbike with its three wheels and is renowned for its off-road capabilities, when her existing vehicle began to struggle with rocky terrains.

Sue said: “My husband still enjoys hiking and has accompanied me on foot during all my latest expeditions. I even went onto a south coast shingle beach with other scooter users to try some skids and 360s. We all knew we might get stuck as scooters are not designed for use on shingle or sand, but it didn’t stop us. We had such fun: we paddled - we were like kids!” To find out more about the Disabled Ramblers, visit disabled ramblers.co.uk.