JUDGING from our latest batch of archive pictures, commuting in the 1980s was little better than it is now – although there were probably more trains.

Take the bottom photograph far left – travel-weary passengers waiting in vain for information are still a familiar sight.

And our main picture also shows some things never change, in this case the morning rush to work.

Is there anyone here you recognise, dressed in the height of late 1980s fashion?

If so, please let us know.

Given that the photograph was taken in 1989, it seems our eyes have been spared the worst of that decade’s fashion excesses here.

Where are the shoulder pads, big hair and pastel suits with the sleeves pushed up?

Most of these commuters look relatively conservatively dressed.

To the right of the main picture is one of a man working with his floor cleaning machine in front of the Network Southeast sign.

That was the name of this section of the nationalised British Rail network until the privatisation in 1994. The wonderful Victorian architecture of Brighton Station dominates the image and of course that too is as impressive today.

Our top picture is another classic historical image, a gentleman in moustache and peaked cap waving his flag to signal the train is ready to depart.

The caption tells us it is Brighton Belle guard John Hambridge.

There have been running battles between unions and train companies for the last years – as readers will know only too well – over questions of who should confirm train and platform safety.

The subject has dominated our news pages for the past year and the latest dispute shows no sign of being resolved.

The picture above shows Brighton Station being refurbished in 1985. Since then it has undergone a further £5 million facelift.

The caption on our last picture today refers to an exploding waste bin.

Do you know anything about it and, if so, please do let us know.