THE 1971 Labour Party Conference was held at Dorset Gardens Church in Brighton.

The event was chaired by Ian Mikardo and was held a year after Labour lost power to the Conservative Party’s Edward Heath.

Were you at the conference and can you name any of the people pictured on stage above?

Do you recall any opposition to the conference or any protesters campaigning outside?

Harold Wilson was at the conference and led the singing of Auld Lang Syne at the end of his ninth conference as leader.

Do you recall anyone else who gave a speech on stage at the conference?

The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee statement on economic, growth and unemployment was prepared by the subcommittee and presented to the conference where it was unanimously approved.

It stated that a Labour government “must be prepared, whenever necessary to make an orderly realignment to our exchange rate, at least whenever the alternative is a policy of mass deflation and stagnation”.

Do you know the demonstrator pictured above?