THERE are not many towns and cities in the UK which can boast the range and number of restaurants, pubs and bars that Brighton diners can enjoy.

Even in these days of business rate rises and pub closures, there are still “locals” on the corners of neighbourhood streets all over the city – a tradition which has long since died out elsewhere in the country,

Thirty years ago the trade was even stronger and The Argus’s photographers in the 1980s and 1990s would be dispatched to record the changing of hands of drinking establishments and the opening of restaurants.

Today we can see happy diners and publicans in a variety of establishments.

In one photograph a couple are playing golf.

It is not apparent why they are doing this. Maybe that is how Mr and Mrs Vane celebratesd significant milestones in their lives – this was certainly one, having just taken on the ownership of The Star.

Elsewhere you can see a group which seem to comprise diners, owners, waiting staff and chefs all raising their glasses in a toast.

The photograph in our archive is captioned “Party for the staff” and it was taken at the Pump House in Market Street, Brighton, but we do not know what year.

It is hard to place the date of the photograph given the lack of background details and the formal attire of the subjects.

Perhaps one of our keener-eyed readers can pick up a clue, or recognise an old friend? If so, please get in touch via

In another picture we can see Lorne Trottier raising a pint in an old fashioned glass on becoming York Arms landlord in 1965. The crowd at the bar are clearly cheering him on – perhaps this wasn’t the first drink of the day.