The play named 'The Changing Room’ comes to Millais Secondary School and gives students new opportunities in acting.

The Changing Room is a play written by The National Theatre and is being performed by the student body at Millais. They are first performing at The Minerva Theatre and, if they are good enough, they will go onto performing at The National Theatre. The play is about a group of students who are growing up, and saying how they are still the same people even if they are teenagers. This play delves deep into the emotion and struggles that modern day teens face on a daily basis. 

When I attended their rehearsal, I was blown away with the acting capabilities some of these students have. The atmosphere was lively and fun, and everyone - not just the teachers- contributed new, interesting ideas. I spoke to one pupil involved (Mariam Khalid). When asked ‘Do you see this leading on to other opportunities?’ She said ‘I would like to be in Broadway, and I feel like performing at The Minerva Theatre will be cool.’ She later went on to say ‘If we get to perform at it (The National Theatre) it will be good to boost my experience on stage.’ Additionally, there seems to be significant support from fellow pupils who are also taking part in this play: ‘There’s a lot of support from everyone in there, and everyone I talk to.’ 

Overall, I feel as though The Changing Room could make the girls involved a lot more confident and also offer a lot of opportunities later on in life, and will allow them to gain experience in the industry. 

By Lucy Hobden, Millais School.