We’d all thought for years what it might be like, if it ever happened!

We’d all imagined the response as the teams took to the field for the first game what we didn’t consider was the blatant emotion of the afternoon.

Against Tottenham on July 30th we had a brass band and a Welsh opera singer who turned out to be English.

Martin Toal serenaded us with Nessun Dorma whilst as Tony Bloom, Dick Knight, Martin Perry and Derek Chapman glided their way to the centre circle.

Toal , I don’t know how much he cost actually (someone will get that) then bellowed out Sussex By The Sea whilst the a Brass Band accompanied him , though sadly no –one could actually hear them, I did say that would happened .

Whilst Toal sang an ‘abridged’ version ( I should be on the telly) of the Albion theme tune Bloom and Knight went to fetch the team . It was a great moment , my 1901 partner Alice (over a thousand followers as HoveHousewife on twitter you know) overcome with the emotion of it all herself , leant over to give me a kiss on the cheek, as people all around hugged , kissed and wept openly.

Prior to all this Albion good guy Paul Samrah had entertained the crowd with his best Norman Collier impression as he introduced predictable Albion legends. Bless him , every time Richie Reynolds did his best Red Coat impression the microphone worked fine, when poor old Samrah took hold of the damn thing , it was as if the Villagers over the way, had access to the on/off button.

Of course the Albion then lost 3-2 to Tottenham , but no one seemed to care.

The opening match was everything anyone who had waited for years for such an occasion hoped it would be.

A week later swap emotion and celebration for anticipation and intense atmosphere .

Ten minutes before kickoff at the Doncaster game everyone and I mean everyone in the stadium, furiously waved the flag put out for them on their seat by the club , to Dario G’s Carnival De Paris , then a rousing , booming emotion charged , Sussex by the sea.

Apparently live on the BBC’S Final score (behind the red button) and Sky Sports News.

Of course thanks to Will Buckley the Albion won 2-1 what a great day, Three days later I took my new best friend (at work) Rob to the Gillingham game and he was in awe of the Amex , despite being a Chelsea fan from Telscombe Cliffs, yes one of those.

The Amex inspires all.

Even those who have no interest in football whatsoever and Chelsea fans.

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