My friend Amanada, well alright she's really my wife's friend but I call her my friend because I don't have that many, through choice of course not because of aroma of conversation......anyway, Mandy very deservedly won the Argus Angel of the Year award, due to her fantastic fund raising for her brian cancer charity.

Amanda herself has a brain tumor and enjoys a normal family life with two young sons and a husband Mick, who used to support Arsenal until they became rubbish a few months ago.Oh and a dog called Buddy, who delivers the Argus with Amanda's son Jack, 15, not Max, 11, who has an Xbox instead, or some such thing.

We won't mention Micks age but he must be pushing 44 (he'll love all that) After the award ceremony, whilst my wife and Amanda's other friends (not me I babysat for quite a while) went in search of the 'rumoured' free bar, Amanda got talking to another winner, one Anthony Grant Bloom. He (also deservedly) won the Argus Outstanding Contribution to Sussex Award. Tony, very taken with Amanda's efforts, promised her a signed Albion home shirt to be signed by all the first team squad for her to auction.

Well you lucky people, I am able to direct you to the ongoing auction for the signed shirt organised personally by Tony Bloom, here. The link to Amanda's Angels is here I will be back before Monday's game against West Ham with some nostalgic rubbish about Mike Small or something like that.

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