West Ham on a Monday on Sky? It's like being being in the Premier League, well sort of.

The last league game between the teams was a thrilling 2-2 draw at Withdean in which Dean (not so popular now) Hammond scored twice.

You get a lot of Hammers fans in Brighton and Hove, they all know the Krays, or their grandads did, apparently!

When I work in the City every now and then, more then than now sadly, there are of course loads of Hammers fans around. It's all West Ham lapel badges, ties, and in some case earrings.

Obviously Essex aint that far away.

But none of them ever seem to go along to Upton Park. ''Hello Wayne who you got Saturday?'' - ''Liverpool mate''(this was some time ago) ''Oh right what stand you in?'' ''I aint going mate, it miles away'' ''oh you moved then Wayne?'' ''Nah still in Southend!

The Albion have a few connections with the Hammers, the ever returning Seb Carole. Bobby Zamora of course, and my old fav Mike Small.

Micky as he liked to be known spent one memorable season with the Seagulls in the 1990/1 campaign, who could ever forget his cool penalty at Anfield.

But there is another connection between Brighton & Hove and West Ham, as I went to school with Derek Hales' nephew.

Hales had a fight on the pitch when at Charlton, with team mate Mickey Flanagan, though the latter didn't appear to have a mark on him at the Dome earlier this week.

Lee, the nephew, is still a massive Hammers fan and rightly so. If any of my family had played professional football I'd probably support their team and the Albion. My Dads's cousin, Cyril did play for the Albion, but they were so far removed they could have got married.

The Albion need a win tomorrow and will no doubt give a debut to their new Chilean International loanee Reyes.

Apparently there could be another new face as well!

So tomorrow lets hope we can 'Harper' on about an Albion victory on Tuesday morning. (nudge nudge wink wink)

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