There could be more people at the Amex Stadium on Friday night, than voted for the Green Council in Fiveways Village.

That’s what they call it up there.

The visit of Sheffield Wednesday could eclipse the 25,030 that crammed into the Goldstone in March 1983 (research see, research) to see the Albion take on Liverpool.

No one was too shy that night.

However, it could even beat the 26, 476 that saw the Seagulls narrowly lose to an Arsenal team made up entirely of English and Irishmen. Yep, years ago. 1988 in fact.

It’s going to be a right old bun fight for the buses and trains afterwards.

Could a man survive in Coldean by eating his own shoes?  I am sure we’ll find out sometime on Sunday afternoon.

It’s going to be pretty crowded in the Albion dressing room as well.

With Scottish striker Stephen Dobbie,  Spanish playmaker David Lopez , ex – Swansea  winger ,Andrea Orlandi and the profoundly sorry and regretful Dean Hammond, all vying for a first team place.

Gone are the days when Dirk Lehman or Neil Smillie would  rock up in August , almost unnoticed.

Albion are serious players in the transfer market nowadays.

It certainly is still bright at the Albion, though not bright enough for Glow sticks apparently.

Would Albion fans have looked silly waving such things at Watford?
Not for me to say really , although it would be little bit like a Michael Bolton gig.

I took some bird to see, A-ha at the Brighton centre in about 1987 and we all waved lighters.

Lit ones!

I reckon everyone should wear Deeley Boppers to the Birmingham game.
How ironic and egocentric would that be?   So very Brighton.

Perhaps, Jason Kitcat could attend wearing a pair, although on second thoughts, give us a break.