SUPERMARKET developments are not always popular news.

But when the expansion is at a well-used store and set to create 100 jobs then it will surely be welcomed.

The Sainsbury’s plans at Old Shoreham Road appear to make good sense on first glance.

It is considered a good firm to work for and will provide a mixture of entry level and management roles in the boosted superstore.

Bigger shopping space will be provided within its grounds, with rationalised car parking and an improved restaurant.

A vet and children’s educational crèche will also be introduced to the site, bringing more skilled jobs and amenities to the area.

A final positive point is its environmental credentials.

The ‘triple zero’ project will boast zero carbon emissions during constructions, zero waste to landfill and zero impact on local water.

Residents have the chance to inspect the plans next week in more detail before a planning application is put in.

Before then it is difficult to make a proper judgement on the plan.

But on the face value it seems a scheme that will wholeheartedly welcomed to the area.