I read with great amusement the claims of the Green Party that 74% of Brighton's roads had seen a reduction in speed after the introduction of the 20mph limit.

I drive in the city and have yet to find anyone keeping to it, including bus drivers.

I would be interested to know how the figure of 74% was obtained.

I remember reading in the Argus not that long ago that there had been no substantial reduction in injuries caused by motorists since the 20mph introduction.

A problem that the Green Party has chosen to ignore is the increase in air pollution caused by motorists driving in lower gears which means greater fuel consumption and more exhaust fumes.

We have in this city a party in control elected with the help of a large student population most of whom are only living in Brighton for three years but leaving the city in the hands of the most hated council that I can remember.

Unfortunately they cannot be removed until May 2015 and still have almost nine more months to wreak further havoc here.

If the rest of the country could see what the Green Party has done to Brighton they would never get an MP or councillor elected anywhere again.

J Stanford Braemore Court, Kingsway, Hove