JUST an important addition to John Stanford’s letter (July 25) concerning increased exhaust at 20 mph.

As it takes 50% longer to cover a distance than at 30 mph, the pollution increase is well over half. I wonder had the Greens thought of that?

The latest directive from the EU is the proposed ban on the sale of high powered vacuum cleaners of 1600 watts or more to save electricity and combat climate change. In 2017 the permitted max will be 900 watt.

The important question is if a cleaner is 900 watt how much longer will it take to clean a carpet than using an 1800 watt and therefore how much electricity is it saving?

I will earn brownie points as my machine has six settings ranging from 300 to 1800 watts and I will only use it when a high wind is blowing and the wind farms will be working.

Brian Beck

Highdown Road, Lewes