We know that many people up and down the country are suffering in silence because they are too embarrassed to talk about their poo.

Worrying new research backs this up: according to a new survey a quarter of UK adults have a health question they are too embarrassed to ask their GP.

For almost one in 10 it’s their bowels that are taboo.

That’s why this month we’re teaming up with constipation treatment Dulcolax to answer the nation’s embarrassing bowel questions: from ‘what is constipation?’ and ‘what if it hurts to go to the loo?’ to ‘I have piles. What should I do?’.

Following an online call for people’s embarrassing questions earlier in the year, experts, including a GP, a nutritionist and one of our nurses have recorded straight talking answers and advice about constipation and other bowel worries, which are available in two new films launched on www.letstalkconstipation.co.uk.

When it comes to our bowels it’s vital that people are aware of what’s normal for them and are able to talk about any concerns they have.

GPs and nurses aren’t easily shocked and are there to help so if you’ve been experiencing changes in your bowel habits or blood in your poo for three weeks or more, speak to your GP. You can also contact us for advice and support www.beatingbowelcancer.org.

Mark Flannagan chief executive, Beating Bowel Cancer