Shortly before 7.00am on August 16, I was walking past Brighton Police.

A young man was slouched against the wall. I stopped and asked if he was alright, he replied yes.

On returning to go home I noticed he had now collapsed on the pavement.

I tried to phone the police for help on their phone outside the police station.

After about six minutes and being told my call was in a queue, I gave up.

A passer by kindly phoned 999 for an ambulance. Help was there within minutes.

On telling the ambulance driver what had happened, he said he was not surprised the police station is virtually unmanned at night. They are all at Hollingbury.

This left me feeling disgusted. What a society we live in. We can’t afford to run our local police force.

What is the country coming to?

T Plowden, Ashton Rise, Brighton