I moved to Mile Oak four years ago and I really love the area, but I can’t say the same about the council services.

The roads are full of potholes, the pavements are in a really poor condition, grass verges are hardly ever cut and when they do grass cuttings they are left to block the drains.

Rubbish and re-cycling collections are hit and miss and road sweeping is almost non-existent in some areas.

Weeds and grass grow out of the pavements and up the side of garden walls which add to the run down look of the area.

The local children’s play area is also run down and neglected and money recently invested on refurbishments was badly spent.

Residents of Mile Oak are getting poor value for the cost of their annual council tax.

Now we are told hundreds of new houses are proposed for land off the Mile Oak Road which will only make things worse.

The only positive thing are the signs that were erected banning cars from parking on grass verges which has allowed the grass to re-grow, perhaps it will now get cut regularly.

Andrew Bishop,

Graham Crescent, Mile Oak