Latest TV made its debut last week in Brighton and as I was convinced some time ago what was going to be delivered proved to be self-indulgent, amateur, shockingly boring, made by wannabes with no semblance of professionalism, creativity, interest, diversity or even charm. Like a bull in a china shop the launch had smashed all its wares before it even had a chance to deliver competent structured programming.

Idents very pretty but the same ads repeated over and over again ad infinitum, so immediate boredom set in.

Presenters who it seems even with auto-cue still had reams of paper which they constantly referred to, no radio mics, all hand held which was very distracting and untidy and guests who just seem so smug in their inflated egos they proved the size of ego was in direct proportion to their lack of talent.

I will be appearing in a forthcoming cookery programme for this derisible am dram provider and I was amazed after near on 50 years in the business to have a remark from a ‘producer’ almost smirking like a child trying to impress an adult: “That’s how we make television!”

Looking at this chap I had to reply with the only reply possible: “Well, it’s not how we make television at the BBC!”

Suffice to say his smugness deteriorated into a painful realisation he may just be talking to an industry professional.

With such a superlative opportunity to make local, meaningful and watchable television I can only hope it improves. If it doesn’t, I doubt it will see a first anniversary!

Marc Montoya Castro

Ryelands Drive