Trefor Hunter raises some interesting questions about the £330,000 section 106 monies in Saltdean. (Let’s spend developers’ cash on Lido works, Argus August 28).

I understand that this money is for ‘community facilities and open recreation space’ with the community being consulted through the ward councillors.

I am not aware of any such resident consultation having been carried out as to the allocation of the monies.

So just who did make the decision that all of these 106 monies should go to the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company (CIC).

The consultation on August 9 was carried out by the CIC, not the ward councillors, and was about choosing what all of the £330,000 would be spent on within the building, items such as cutlery, sound system, blinds and improved access – although I thought access would be a legal requirement in the renovation of the building and be part of the lottery bid.

There was no mention of the open recreation space element.

I have absolutely no issue with some of the money going to the CIC but why can’t some of it also go to improving the Oval, the open space behind the lido.

Suggestions from residents have included a seating area with sensory plants; community orchard/garden, extension to the skatepark, disabled/pram access to the beach, shower on the beach, the bowls club.

Some of these suggestions may not be practical.

However, I am sure there would be many more ideas if the community had been asked. Saltdean is unlikely to get this amount of money again.

It would require another large development, so why can’t it be shared out for the greater benefit of all residents?

Elizabeth Lee, Bevendean Avenue, Saltdean, East Sussex