I congratulate Jenny Wilkins on her action drawing attention to the desperate plight of the animals in the circus that visits Dieppe every year.

I have a home in Dieppe and am often there when the circus arrives. I am afraid my demonstrations have never been more courageous than shouting at the circus vans when they arrive. I am also saddened by the annual reptile exhibition.

Just because a living being is mute it doesn't mean it can't feel pain. It just lacks the ability to express it in a way humans can understand.

There is no RSPCA in France to take forward prosecutions for animal cruelty. The French SPA will only refer you to the police and I know from experience they will take little action.

It is sad that the French, so sensitive in many ways, seem to show so little concern for the welfare of animals.

May I suggest that every animal lover writes to the Mayor, Sébastien Jumel, at the Hotel de Ville, Dieppe.

  • Frances Lindsay-Hills, chairman, Sussex, Brighton and East Grinstead RSPCA North Gardens, Brighton