Eastbourne suffered another downpour and another defeat on the road tonight.

Eagles have either lost or been washed out on the road this term.

But this time they managed both in the same meeting.

They were 39-24 adrift after ten heats at leaders King’s Lynn having already used one of their tactical rides.

Heavy rain then swept across the Norfolk Arena causing an early end. The result stands so Lynn take all three points.

The hosts had 5-1s in heats two, three and five to open a 21-9 lead.

Bjarne Pedersen replied with a double-point win as he held off Roy Schlein in a 7-2.

But Lynn were always in charge with star Danes Niels Kristian Iversen and Kenneth Bjerre both looking set for maximums.

Eagles’ weakness at reserve in the absence of injured Lewis Blackbird was also exposed.

They were being outscored 15-1 at the bottom of the order when rain came.

Steve Worrall should help shift the balance at reserve tomorrow as he guests for Blackbird against Tai Woffinden and Wolves at Arlington (7.30pm).

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King’s Lynn: Kerr 9+1 (4), Iversen 8+1 (3), Rose 6+2 (3), Schlein 6+1 (3), Schlein 6 (2), Lambert 3+2 (3), Toft 1+1 (3).

Eagles: Pedersen 8^ (2), Woodward 5 (4), Lahti 4+1 (3), Kylmakorpi 4 (2), Halsey 2 (3), Gustafsson 1 (3), Clegg 0 (3).