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Norwich City 2 Brighton and Hove Albion 0: Live report from Carrow Road

Last updated:

  • Pritchard shot goes in off woodwork and Stockdale (18)
  • Action replay for second goal (39)
  • Albion denied penalty at 1-0
  • Pictures by Simon Dack (simondack.co.uk) and Richard Parkes
  • 17 pages of Albion coverage in The Argus tomorrow.


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Hawker56 6:22pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Tonight can't come quickly enough.
I was at the FA Cup Final Replay defeat.Was that the last time Albion appeared as a top flight side?
I remember travelling home totally deflated.
We had lost the Cup and were relegated.
Who knew what was to come?
I was 22 years old.
It's taken for me to be 56 for BHA to get back to the top.
Now let's win it!
Score: 3
Julesboy Replying Hawker56 6:47pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Yeah remember the parade for being cup runners up? - It's all on a different scale this time!
Score: 0
Julesboy 6:44pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Time to finish the job lads, to prove you are the very best in the Championship, go out there without the promotion pressure and play like Champions which we will no doubt be - Seeeaaguuullls!!!!
Score: 2
BBB1969 mk2 6:54pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Not so sure Murray and Murphy as shouldn't change a winning team but CH obviously knows what he is doing. Probably wants Murphy to close diwn and bring Hemed on when the cbs are kn4ckered fir Norwich. Would love to win it in tv tonight to spare anither pitch invasion when playing Bristol.😀
Score: 2
Alfie T 6:56pm Fri 21 Apr 17
No Stephens or Kayal starting...oh err...
Score: 0
twonk 7:35pm Fri 21 Apr 17
5 in midfield? In preparation for the Prem?
Score: 0
raboola conundrum 7:54pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Worth remembering

"....If Brighton & Hove Albion beat Norwich City tonight, they'll secure their fourth league title in 16 years.

No other current EFL team have won more league titles than the Seagulls since 2000 - and even including the Premier League only Manchester United have surpassed that number....."
Score: 0
OldGull 8:13pm Fri 21 Apr 17
We need Stephens on to get a grip of midfield
Score: 0
raboola conundrum Replying OldGull 8:45pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Stephens needs to get a grip on his expanding wasteline first. Yet another albion player that clearly is not premier league standard. Massive spend required on squad to withstand the onslaught of the top flight.
Score: 1
mikeygit 8:15pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Lets hope we can see ALBION 6 times that THEY are in control, but they need to step it up. Norwich out to stop a party!!
Score: 0
mikeygit 8:31pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Pritchard certainly coming back to haunt us, you could not make this up with poor old Stockdale TWO own goals!!! After the Lord Mayors Show??
Score: 1
jpsatre 8:32pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Shots on target - Bha 1, Norwich 0. Score - Norwich 2, bha 0

Score: 1
The taffster 2 8:42pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Nice to see all of Stockdale's bad luck is happening tonight in this game,when it doesn't matter rather than earlier in the season...Let's move on and beat Bristol city at home.
Score: 3
Stanley Rivers 8:42pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Oh dear Stockdale, you'll probably score a hat-trick against Palace
because things are only going to get a lot tougher next season.
Score: 2
raboola conundrum 8:43pm Fri 21 Apr 17
No surprise. Albion under Hughton fluffing it under pressure. Albion are relegated from the premier league before they've even set foot in it. Unbelievable. Stockdale has been suspect from day one, again no surprise.
Score: 5
Stuart Storer Replying raboola conundrum 8:47pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Shut your tits
Score: 2
raboola conundrum Replying Stuart Storer 9:01pm Fri 21 Apr 17
You know I'm right though. I'm afraid even with Blooms massive outlay, there's no disguising the fact that albion are still a small club trying to give the impression of a big club. We need a new squad and certainly a new manager or its absolute curtains next season.
Score: 4
Stuart Storer Replying raboola conundrum 9:15pm Fri 21 Apr 17
A well put together and considered post. It's a shame that it's pure troll drivel.
Score: 3
raboola conundrum Replying Stuart Storer 9:19pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Norwich fans know what's what. They don't chant 'Boring boring Hughton' for no reason. By November the same chant will probably be heard round the Amex. Those of us in the know saw this coming about 2 years ago.
Score: 1
Stuart Storer Replying raboola conundrum 9:57pm Fri 21 Apr 17
So you saw this (promotion to the premiership) coming two years ago and yet you're still whinging... granted we may well struggle next year but the real brighton fans will enjoy every moment. I'll take defensive, counter attacking football any day if it produces results, not that we've been particularly boring this year!!!
Score: 0
[deleted] Replying raboola conundrum 9:57pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Score: 0
OldGull Replying raboola conundrum 9:18pm Fri 21 Apr 17
I know you are right,
A right tw@t.
But then you are Ringtone so no surprise
Score: 1
raboola conundrum Replying OldGull 9:24pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Well as we all know, albion are one of those clubs that you just know failure and embarrassment are never far away. Forget tonight, its next season we will see all those famous albion traits come to the fore once again. Even another 250 million of Blooms money might not be enough to reverse that. You'll see.
Score: 1
london irish Replying raboola conundrum 8:52pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Coco see you next season
Score: 0
london irish 8:49pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Simples, no dale and we are not the same team.
Score: 5
Cliify0002 8:50pm Fri 21 Apr 17
personally I can't understand changing a winning side but maybe it's really to save legs for Bristol match but need to liven up oh well onwards and upwards
Score: 1
Cliify0002 9:32pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Not even trying to push at them a pint too many I think lol
Score: 1
OldGull 9:35pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Pritchard had a great game.
But we have had a GREAT season.
Win the trophy at home
Score: 2
raboola conundrum Replying OldGull 9:43pm Fri 21 Apr 17
It's been a great season. We bought promotion, but can we establish ourselves with the big boys like Palarse and Bournemouth have done for example? It looks pretty unlikely.
Score: 1
Cliify0002 Replying raboola conundrum 10:24pm Fri 21 Apr 17
How can we have bought promotion with the ninth highest budget in the league he he he .big boys u say palace and Bournemouth . Your weird
Score: 2
NYSeagull Replying raboola conundrum 3:47am Sat 22 Apr 17
Raboola old boy, lots of people say you are a troll. I'm not sure. But what I am sure about is that you state the bleeding obvious as if you see things we don't. Of course Bloom invested heavily in getting us promoted, most teams have to do that to get anywhere these days. Of course embarrassment and disappointment are just around the corner, if you are not winning everything, always, you are letting down your fans regularly. Naturally we are a smaller club trying to play with the big boys, like most teams. How does any small team continue to grow and achieve more, without going through what we need to go through? It is super likely that many of the current squad won't make it at prem level for age or talent reasons. We all know this. Your insights and wisdom are plain common sense. Hughton will fail at some point, all managers do. But right now all I know is we made it to the next level and I'm thrilled. Bloom's money, the team's ability and Hughton's leadership are what got us there. That and everything else we've endured the past 20+ years. And, what happens next is gonna be very tough. But I'd rather be here, enjoying this moment, than acting as if the achievement is heavily tainted and failure is inevitable. UTA!
Score: 1
rolivan Replying OldGull 9:43pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Norwich no shots on Target?
Score: 0
mikeygit 9:44pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Unbelievable score Norwich NO SHOTS ON target but win 2--0! Put this one behind us and hope no further slip ups!!
Score: 1
teagull 9:50pm Fri 21 Apr 17
5-2 on aggregate v Norwich is okay. Now we go on to be champions next Saturday.
Score: 0
The taffster 2 9:50pm Fri 21 Apr 17
There's only about 4 of the Brighton team tonight that are premiership standard....5 or 6 players are needed to bolster the squad for next season...One game too many for some of the players.
Score: 3
raboola conundrum Replying The taffster 2 9:56pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Couldn't agree more. It's only the deluded majority that can't see it.
Score: 0
Joel'sGrandad 9:58pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Pritchard proved what a good player he is tonight. Unfortunately we were off our game which is no surprise after this week. One of those nights I'm afraid.
Onwards and upwards with no flip flops please.
Score: 0
true fan 10:02pm Fri 21 Apr 17
It was always going to happen after a week on the p1ss, I even had a cheeky bet on the result, no issue with this loss, let's win next week to win the title at home
Score: 0
namgo49 10:17pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Team selection curious tonight, resulting in a curious performance. Can only assume Norwood was played in place of Stephens for him to demonstrate what he is made of. The fact Stephens replaced him with 30 mins to go proves the point.

Am I right in thinking Knockhaert has totted up a suspension.
Score: 1
JollyRoger 10:33pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Sounds like two freak goals and a game to forget!

Last edited: 10:33pm Fri 21 Apr 17

Score: 0
OldGull Replying JollyRoger 11:14pm Fri 21 Apr 17
A very strange game, Norwich were the better side but didn't have a shot on target !!!
We move on
Score: 0
heshootshescores 10:56pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Predictable result given the events of this week. To be honest, I'd have either gone for it with a full-strength team or made a lot more changes and played the second XI. Seemed a bit strange to do something in between.

Hopefully, Bristol City will be safe before they arrive at the Amex next week and we can have another party when we clinch the title. Always better to do it at home anyway!
Score: 1
BBB1969 mk2 11:17pm Fri 21 Apr 17
Foul on Knockhaert before their first lucky shot off target that went in and Murphy fouled in the box and no penalty and they scire a second shot off target that went in. You couldn't make this stuff up and Pritchard still a w4nker and hope he doesn't sign for us although better than Murphy tonight. Get the beers out of your system boys nd smash Bristol
Score: 0
The taffster 2 11:26pm Fri 21 Apr 17
,kayal, Stephens, knockheart and march will be ok in the premiership...We need 5 or 6 signings for next season...Someone like Andre gray upfront with benteke...I honestly don't think Murray,hemed or balldock will score enough goals at this level.
Score: 1
Hornankey Replying The taffster 2 9:58am Sat 22 Apr 17
I am afraid Knocky and Murray have already proved they can't hack it in the Premiership. Kayal will struggle. Big investment required.
Score: 0
wrighty2908 12:28pm Sat 22 Apr 17
For Christ sake can't you just be happy we've won promotion. I have every faith that we will be able to bring in the required personel and to be honest if we manage to stay up by goal difference next season that will do me fine. 34yrs just be blo#ody happy we all know that after this week's celebration this result could have happened but no shots on target and lose 2-0 is still a little hard to take. Onwards and Up.
Score: 1

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