ALBION boss Gus Poyet has called for a change to the loan system for Championship clubs to bring them in line with the Premier League.

Top flight teams can only loan players out, not in, during the period between transfer windows for permanent deals.

Championship teams have been able to borrow players since early September and the deadline does not expire until next Thursday. Poyet wants that changed so that managers are better prepared if they are promoted.

He said: “If In England we want managers from the Championship to be ready to go to the Premier League then the loan system in the Championship should change. It should become exactly the same as the Premier League.

“A manager in the Championship is used to getting a loan or two or five in during the season as soon as he has got a problem. Then they get to the Premier League and they cannot do it and they have got a massive problem.

“So I think it would be a very good step for any manager – and I’m talking about myself as well – to change the loan system and make it exactly the same.

“We talk a lot about it (Championship) being the sixth best league in Europe, the most people watching, the most exciting and difficult, blah, blah bah, but at the end of the day we don’t prepare players or managers in the right way for the Premier League.

“For the players if on the 31st of August you are at Brighton then you are there until January and you are going nowhere and you have to fight for a place. There is no crying or long faces, nothing. You need to play for your club because you are under contract.

“I think that would be a perfect step for everyone to be ready to go to the Premier League.

“We cannot try to make this league better than other leagues when there is a massive advantage to bring players in at any time. In the French League or Greek, Turkish or Uruguayan they cannot bring a player now.

“If you are conceding goals what do you do, bring in two or three defenders, if you are not scoring goals two strikers, and that is not the way to learn football. It's about how you set up your squad and how you make them play.”

Poyet has also had a dig at tomorrow's hosts Huddersfield, who have borrowed strikers Jermaine Beckford from Leicester and Simon Church from Reading during the loan window.

He said: “They were the team that spent the most in the last three years in League One by far. Why are they going to change now?

“If they have done it that way and they have the possibility to keep spending they will.

“When they have a chance they invest. They have showed that as a club. If something happened to any player on the pitch they would bring in another one.”