Discus thrower Jade Lally has mixed emotions looking to the World Championships in London in two weeks.

The Horsham-based thrower is “really happy” to compete in her home country - especially because it will be her first Worlds.

But the 30-year-old is suffering from a back injury that has prevented her progressing since her 62.15m season-opener in February.

Lally heads to Paris on Sunday to take part in the track and field camp of the British Athletics Association.

She told The Argus: “Unfortunately my preparations have been completely opposite to ideal.

It has been a real roller-coaster of emotions.

“On one hand I won my sixth British title to confirm my slot.

“On the other hand I have not been able to shake off a back injury that has been progressive since February, so it’s mixed emotions.

“I am not in the shape I hoped that I would be, unfortunately.”

Lally is having medical treatment from a Crawley clinic but knows that they have not found a final solution for her problem.

She added: “It’s only tiding me over, really. It just tries to keep me healthy enough to keep me able to compete.

“It’s a combination of my body needing a rest and of my discs.

“I think one of my discs is touching nerves and that shouldn’t be the case.

“That showed up on one of the scans.”