A COUNCILLOR has said safety measures like bollards around Seven Dials prevented pedestrians from being injured in an incident yesterday which saw a window of a nearby cafe smashed.

Two ‘explosions’ rocked the junction on Thursday afternoon (August 5) after a lorry collided with a bollard outside Small Batch Coffee Roasters in Dyke Road, Brighton, bursting one of its tyres and smashing one of the branch’s windows. There were no reports of any injuries.

Cllr Lizzie Deane, who represents the ward of the cafe - St Peter’s and North Laine - said that the bell bollard the lorry struck is a well-established safety device to prevent vehicles mounting the pavement and causing harm to pedestrians.

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“We don’t know at this stage why the vehicle made contact with the bollard, and this must have been distressing for those nearby,” she said.

“However, we are glad that this bollard was there to intercept a vehicle that reports suggest was moving towards the pavement and pedestrians.

“This is another reason why safety measures like this are important here, as they help ensure pedestrians and cafe customers can enjoy Seven Dials safely.”

The Argus: The explosion from the lorry collision caused a window of a nearby cafe to break: credit: Michael HuseyinThe explosion from the lorry collision caused a window of a nearby cafe to break: credit: Michael Huseyin

Robert Nemeth, a councillor for Wish ward in Hove, also expressed a need to examine repairs required around the roundabout and junction.

"I have noticed that various repairs are required on the roundabout so now may be a good time to review some of the more frequent issues that arise,” he said.

“If modifications are required then they should be sorted quickly.”

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The roundabout in Seven Dials, near to the scene of the incident, has had repeated roadworks over the last few years.

In 2014, changes were made to a kerb corner after nine months of roadworks, and repairs also took place in 2016 to kerbstones that had broken or come adrift.

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