CHRIS Todd does not understand that pro-cycling groups would earn far more respect if they took legitimate concerns seriously, instead of forever coming out with clichéd references to bad car drivers being worse than cyclists (The Argus, October 26).

Given that a woman was recently killed in London by a reckless cyclist, Mr Todd’s remarks are especially tasteless. 

His reference to grumpy old men moaning about cyclists is also strange but is apparently an allowable form of discrimination for the politically correct.

A woman I work with, neither grumpy nor old, was recently hit by a cyclist who did not stop to apologise.

But why should she matter, she’s only a pedestrian? 

Mr Todd is supposedly writing on behalf of Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth, an organisation in which I was once deeply involved.

Yet he seems to be its only mouthpiece nowadays and I would suggest the tone of his letter is unfitting for such a group. 

Letters are written to The Argus for many reasons and each can only address so many topics.

I am sure there are bad drivers who damage pavements and cause danger but this is not a ‘Get Out of Jail’ card for bad cyclists.

Mr Todd is no doubt an exemplary cyclist so why can he not advise others to follow his example? 

Peter Poole, Eastern Road, Brighton