Read More: Man stabbed in neck in Hangleton Co-op brawl

A MAN is said to have been badly hurt in a fight at the Co-Op in Hangleton.

Passers-by reported a drunk man seen outside covered in blood as paramedics were called last night.

One shopper said: "There's blood all over the door and pavement and the inside of the shop is trashed.

"I've never seen anyone with so much blood all over them. It was like a horror film."

The Argus:

Blood was smeared over the window and the shop had been closed with goods all over the floor when The Argus visited last night.

Read More: Man stabbed in neck in Hangleton Co-op brawl

Councillor Dawn Barnett said she had heard a man had been struck with a bottle.

She said: "A woman told me two men went in there and had a row and one thing led to another and there was a bad fight."

Sussex Police confirmed an incident had taken place and they had attended but would not confirm any more details last night.

One Argus reader said they saw three police cars and an ambulance at the scene at about 6pm.

Crime scene investigators had set up a camera within the shop and had laid out yellow, numbered markers on the floor among the debris.

A man in blue latex gloves and a white face mask could be seen inspecting the damage and taking notes.

Blood was still smeared on the door and front window of the shop yesterday.

Two young men who arrived at the shop said there had been a serious fight inside and a man had been "bottled".

Another witness said: "It looks horrific. I hope the man makes a full recovery."

Read More: Man stabbed in neck in Hangleton Co-op brawl

A sign on the door of the shop last night reads "We have closed early due to an incident that has happened earlier today.

"Sorry for any inconvenience."